At the reputed Caspian rugs stores, they should have one of the best collections from PERSIA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, TURKEY and CHINA . Sizes run from 2×3 to 16×40. Styles vary from traditional to tribal.

And the store should have all the possible caspian rug collection in-house and should display as far as possible to their showrooms, so that the customers can feel and visualize the decoration for their homes.

At Caspian Handmade Rugs Stores, you receive a complete and personal service. With their extensive professional knowledge they will help you to find the right product to beautify your home. For an reputed rug store,  in-house stock of rugs is comprehensive, interesting, and full of color.

They should offer many styles from traditional to contemporary rugs, . Customers are encouraged to visit  Showroom to ensure that the caspian rug store can help you to make the right choice. If they do not have exactly those rug collections what you are looking for within the showroom's extensive collection,  they  will be happy to search for your unique request. The store should have also offer a cleaning and repair services for caspian rugs .

Please note that the rug store should ensure you that the showroom's stock changes regularly so there is always something new in-house.