Browse through our inventory of rugs by simply picking the size you may be interested in. If you don’t see what your looking for please feel free to contact us.

Inventory - Round Rugs

At Caspian we have a great selection of Round Rugs in our Showroom.

Inventory - Runners

We have hundreds of Runners in stock for you to choose from.

Inventory - Palace Size

At Caspian you can find any size rug that will complete your home!

Inventory - 10 x 14

We have a large inventory of 10x14 rugs.

Inventory - 9 x 12

We have hundreds of 9x12 rugs in stock.

Inventory - 8 x 10

Our biggest and best selection is with our 8x10 rugs. We have plenty of choices for you to see.

Inventory - 6 x 9

We have hundreds of 6x9 rugs in stock.

Inventory - 4 x 6

We have a great collection of 4x6 rugs in stock.

Inventory - 3 x 5

We have hundreds of 3x5 rugs in stock.

Inventory - 2 x 3

We have hundreds of 2x3 rugs in house.